Lawrence was the calm to my storm.

n November 2015 – February 2016, I was under extreme pressure to find a home for my children and myself. What made our circumstances so unusual were my constrained time-period to purchase a home from start to finish in under 3.5 months, and I was a single parent with two dependents going to school full-time and under emotional diress due to managing so much. Additionally, I was a first-time homeowner, so the process of purchasing a home was foreign territory and seemed so overwhelming.

That was until I met Lawrence Hornbake with Keller Williams Real Estate. He lived in my neighborhood and we met via NextDoor. He was the calm to my storm and an excellent, honest and patient advisor. Working with him made the process go so smoothly. He worked with the broker in the same office, so there were never any miscommunications. He has impecable communication skills and would respond to any question promptly. He personalized the process. I was not just another client or commission, I was a person that he built a trusting relationship with. I am happy to say I am a happy first-time homeowner now and through the process he became not only my realtor and but also advisor and as well as friend!

— Ms. Thomas