Forever grateful for our Realtor, Lawrence Hornbake

My family will be forever grateful for our realtor, Lawrence Hornbake. Through a relocation service, we were lined up with a few bad realtors: one never gave us information or feedback on properties, another spoke only to my husband when we were both present (uh…happy wife, happy life!), and the other one treated house-hunting like it was a drag!

Lawrence was SUCH a breath of fresh air. Being that my husband I were both working parents, he was so accommodating to our schedule of only being able to view houses during evenings or weekends. He also didn’t mind that our toddlers tagged along and always greeted them with a smile which could be daunting for some. In fact, while viewing one home, our 5 year-old son accidentally locked our two-year old daughter in a room and her fingers were still too tiny to figure out how to unlock. As I was mortified while hearing my daughter sniffling in tears and while my son was yapping away on his ideas of how to get my daughter out, Lawrence was so calm and gentle as he loosened up the doorknob with his screwdriver from his swiss army knife keychain (such a prepared realtor) like MacGyver!

As first-time buyers that are new to this area, we really appreciated Lawrence’s patience as we checked out many homes and got to know the area as well as how he gave us feedback of things we didn’t even think about that truly reflected his experience and expertise. He always had an iPad in had to ensure we got our questions answered quickly and was always responsive to any questions day or night, even if some of them were silly ones that only a first-time buyer would ask. Lawrence really took the time to understand what we were looking for in a home and sent us listings based on our changing needs, even if my husband and I sometimes differed in priority (i.e. location, kitchen size, etc.)

During the winter season while inventory was low, Lawrence showed us a home the day it was on the market and we went under contract 2 days later! He worked quickly and diligently. What was even more awesome is that we our house appraised for $20K more than what we bought it for and we didn’t even have the highest bid! I firmly believe that Lawrence’s professionalism of being so personal through his rapport with us, the agent of the seller and our lender, was the reason why we landed the house of our dreams. House-hunting is such a confusing game, but when you’re in the hands of GREAT agent like Lawrence, you feel confident and hopeful. He walked us through every single detail whether it was paperwork or the difference between a sump pump or dehumidifier. We are so happy with our house and feel blessed to call it our home. I don’t plan to move for a very long time, but if that occasion ever arises, I know who to call!

— J. Swanson