Composure, expertise and negotiating skills were an incredible asset.

Dear Lawrence,

We are finally settling into our new home and love it so much! I can’t thank you enough for all you did to make this possible. You were indispensable in making this happen. You are an amazing person and agent. It was not one of the easiest deals, so your composure, expertise and negotiating skills were an incredible asset. I am also so appreciative of how sensitive of a nature when speaking with me because you considered the gravity this move meant for my family and myself.

I recently had a few words with R. P.. She private messaged me a pretty firm message on next-door and I took great offense at her tone and assumptions about me, my education and decision-making capabilities. She is a real-estate broker. Do you know her? Anyways. It made me all the more appreciative I had such an amazing team behind me, between you and Ed, Paul as the inspector, who was beyond thorough, and GSSI as contractors. I have been very satisfied with their work and pricing.

I know it’s your busy season in real estate, so no need to reply. I just wanted to relay the gratitude for all you have done. You made it possible for us to now have a home. It’s amazing, the girls are so much happier here. Now the girls aren’t crying out for Noni and Popi anymore. We truly turned a significant corner and just in time for Easter!!!

I want you to know that I will always give you the highest of recommendations if anyone needs an agent, if that is okay?

Hope you and your family are doing well. Perhaps once I have a dining room table (still don’t have one yet) and I have had the landscaping done so there aren’t all those sticks in the back yard, your family can come over for a dinner. We would love to show our appreciation and I really enjoyed speaking with Solange. She said you were redoing your kitchen when I saw her a couple weeks ago. I hope that went well!!

Best to you and your family,

Laura, Zahra and Lila